NeoBux- Better Stay Away From It As You Are Not Going To Earn Much From It!

Posted By on November 24, 2017

Here is an honest, unbiased and frank review of the new sensation- NeoBux! The company NeoBux was pre-launched in March 2008 and officially launched in April 2008. Fernando Jose Teixeira Rato, based in the Portugal was the founder of this company. The records state that the company is referred as NeoDev, Lda. It is a Paid To Click(PTC) type website which makes use of the MLM method of business. The expert Jeff Lenney Neobux Review states that this is just a waste of time which does not help you get anywhere. You just end up losing your time and get paid very less for it. In short, it is not worth the pain! There are many sites offering work from home programs, but doing a research is vital as per

Products Offered
No products or services are provided by NeoBux on their official website. You use it as a medium and provide advertisements on their page. These ads are supposed to help you in directing web traffic to your website. If you are a member, you can click on the advertisements provided on the website to earn money. You will be paid for each click you make on the ads on the site. Here, the main issue is that the people who visit such websites do not even bother about the website or the advertisements offered on them. They are just there to get paid for each click they make.

You can join NeoBux as a free member and start earning for each click you make on the site. You earn about $0.001 to $0.005 per each click you make on the advertisements listed on the site. The amount you earn is so small so that even if you sit and click all the ads on the website, the maximum you can earn for one day is just a bit more than $1. The minimum number of clicks you need to earn cash is four clicks. By making four clicks, you just earn $0.004. Hence, the truth is that you just waste your time sitting and clicking the ads and you earn just a meagre amount for that.

Paid Membership
The affiliate membership for NeoBux is free. But, you can also opt for paid memberships if you aim to get paid using the compensation. The various memberships offered are Gold($90), Emerald($290), Sapphire($290), Platinum($490), Diamond($490), and Ultimate($890).

Ways To Make Money Using NeoBux
NeoBux offers different ways to make money. You could earn money by clicking on the advertisements, filling up the surveys, watching the videos on the site, using the trial offers and through the third party offers like TokenAds and TrialPay. It might seem to be a good catch. But the truth is that you don’t get to earn much through any of these methods. Hence, it is best to steer clear of this site and do something productive to earn money.

Always search for the reviews before opting for any online money earning programs, because there are many which pay you more and trustworthy also.

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